Education Website Development


Master of Science in Environmental Health and Safety is a programme of Hong Kong University of Science. They hope to create a tone of nature and their university on their website.

My Role

UX/UI Designer


1 UX/UI Designer,
2 Full-stack Developer


2 Months

Problem Discovery

The lack of detail information on the new master program organized by Hong Kong University Of Science.

Empathy Map

User are looking for detail information on the new master program which they are interest for.

Identified Pain Point

The lack of information leads to loss of motivation on apply and get more information from the master of HKUST


Too much PDFs

No integrated informations that organized by the HKUST


Lack of information

No official platform for people easy find


No clear application steps

There is no steps to follow on the progress to submit their application to the master program of HKUST

User Flow

A university website presenting the information of their master program

Site Map

By create a integrated system for user easy to get the information they looking for

Design highlight

Environmental Health and Safety - The Hong Kong University Of Science

Infographic Support

By present infographic, applicant can more easy to understand the program by data visualizations.

Mobile Responsive Design and
SEO management

By building the mobile responsive mode, User may easy access to projects by using on the Hamburger Menu.



According to Page Speed Insights, the SEO score of website increased from 44 to 86.

Application Of Master In A Grow Trend

According to client feedback, the applicant of EHS program increased 48% from last 3 years.

Long-term Client Increased

Total 7 of 13 of University in Hong Kong become our client of website render.