Agency Homesite Revamp


Sekgamdong Ltd is a digital agency that provides both digital product development and event digital creatives. They mainly focus on cooperation with beauty brands like SK-II, Shishido, and Guerlain... They aimed to revamp their website to improve the user experience and let more potential customers understand their business.

My Role

UX/UI Designer


1 UX/UI Designer,
1 Front-end Developer,
1 Project Manager


3 Months

Problem Discovery

The lack of information on our projects and services presenting on the website. Difficult to figure out what 
product can Sekgamdong provide to them.

Empathy Map

User are looking for successful plans and examples that fits to promotional their products.
They feel confuse and frustration when they cannot see some brands or ideas they acquainted.

Identified Pain Point

The presentation of projects and ideas cannot satisfy the potential client to relay on the agency


No Clear Contact Information

There is no email/ phone number or any social media link(button) that can direct contact to Sekgamdong


No digital solutions example

There is not enough ideas or photos presenting the idea proposed by agency accepted by client and bring into real-life


No acquaint brand

User cannot find some brands they known to convince their boss the agency is reliable

User Flow

A portfolio site for ideas presentation, brands co-operations, digital solutions to reduce the effort of user on research informations


By presenting more photo to increase the first impression

Design highlight

SekgamDong Homepage

Project Showcase Filter

By using hashtag to filter the project type to help user more easy to find out a example that fits their products

Identified Pain Point

By building the mobile responsive mode, User may easy access to projects by using on the Hamburger Menu.

Looping Brand Name

By present the name of our global brand customers to increase the confidence that we have satisfied with well-known brand with successful experience and solutions.



According to Page Speed Insights, the total score of website increased >10%. It helps user reduced the loading speed by more than 2 sec.

Return Of Interest
New Co-operation

After the revamp of website, there is 8 new brands of
co-operation included beauty, bank and health products.