E-commerce Developement


NisshoCooking is an e-commerce platform specializing in health products, offering a wide range of goods sourced from South East Asia. Along with product sales, they provide services including recipe suggestions, meal supply, and health recommendations. Their platform caters to individuals seeking authentic South East Asian ingredients and a convenient way to enhance their diet for improved well-being.

My Role

UX/UI Designer


1 UX/UI Designer,
2 Front-end Developer,
1 Project Manager


4 Months

Problem Discovery

The website require a better online platform for user to get the updated health information and product news

Empathy Map

User are looking for a mobile platform that provide healthy information and product.

Identified Pain Point

The platform cannot provide enough interaction or resources on the website to attract people to follow their goals or believe on the healthy life habit.


No linkage or extra information on the product presenting

By creating blog or social media post of a product, there is no recipe or nutritional value showing the value of the product


No advantage on way of information presentation

By using traditional social media platform, people won’t translate to a group of fans belong to website. Also, false selling and information lead to loss of confidence on social media only but website


Too many steps on ordering health product

The website do not contain online shopping function and require customers to order by phone with no e-statement support

User Flow

A online health product order platform for user to check and request on the update information and product


By presenting more image or video to increase the motivation on user understanding of the product

Design highlight

NisshoCooking E-commerce platform

Product display function

By creating product page, it will list out all information details of the product. It also provide recipe, similar product and even data support.

Application page redesign

By creating blog & receipt menu, they can attract social media visitor to visit the website in a official platform. Together with the platform, information will be more reliable and can be identify.

Mobile Responsive Design

By building the mobile responsive mode, User may easy access to projects by using on the Hamburger Menu.



According to Page Speed Insights, the average page reaction time decreased from 5sec to 1sec.


Total 120 pages of materials decreased to 40 pages, integration force user have patient on using the website.

Page Visit
Increasing Trend

Average page visit increased by 20%, and reach 100,000 visitors.