Jewellery E-commerce marketing


ChowSangSang , a renowned jewelry brand, established a partnership with the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A Museum) in London as early as 2003. With over 80 years of unwavering pursuit of jewelry aesthetics, Chow Tai Fook joined forces with the V&A Museum, which boasts over a century of experience in appreciating treasures. After years of collaboration, they have now reached a significant milestone by introducing an extraordinary shopping experience that combines contemporary art and jewelry for the new generation.

My Role

UX/UI Designer


1 UX/UI Designer,
1 Front-end Developer,
1 Project Manager


4 Months

Problem Discovery

The website is in need of an online platform that effectively showcases the exquisite new series of jewelry and tells the captivating stories behind them, drawing inspiration from the prestigious V&A Museum.

Empathy Map

User are looking for information of the V&A ChowSangSang collaboration and the store

Identified Pain Point

The platform cannot provide enough information on the new series of V&A product


Lack of event detail

The communication is complicated as there is too much information separate presented by different system.


Lack of product information

Not enough official information or product detail can be find on the ChowSangSang website.

User Flow

Enter the ChowSangSang official website and looking for V&A series and the product details

Design highlight

ChowSangSang V&A series

Color button usage

By incorporating colored buttons, it becomes easier for users to distinguish between clickable areas and informational sections by providing clear visual cues for interaction.

Mobile responsive design

By building the mobile responsive mode, User have the same experience on different device and more motivate on know more their product.


Visit Rate In
A Incresing Trend

According to respawn from client, the visit rate of the V&A website and shop keep a increasing integrated system trend since 2022.

Increasing Inquire Rate
Of The Series

According to respawn from client, the inquire rate of the V&A series keep a increasing trend and they decided to create new product in Dec 2023.