ABCC Config System

Admin Panel Revamp


ABCC is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that focuses on future cryptocurrency projects. It offers a secure and efficient platform for users worldwide to trade a diverse range of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, with the config function, users have the ability to transfer funds between different crypto coins, further enhancing the flexibility and convenience of the platform.

My Role

UX/UI Designer


1 UX/UI Designer,
2 Front-end Developer,
3 Back-end Developer,

1 Product Owner,
1 Quality assurance


3 Months

Problem Discovery

ABCC is updating its config function to improve the user interface and admin panel, providing users with more information on daily exchange limits, enhancing transparency and usability.

Empathy Map

Users desire a user-friendly interface for managing ABCC config transactions and improved data presentation for better decision-making.

Identified Pain Point

Users desire a user-friendly interface for managing ABCC config transactions and improved data presentation for better decision-making.The multi-admin panel also make the management on the function become difficult.


Communication barrier

The communication is complicated as there is too much information separate presented by different system.


Function duplicated

The system may contain same function and lead to a missing information on one of system.


System not consistency

The admin panel design is not the same, it require to a different way of control and chance or mistake.

User Flow

Panel showing transection detail and control status

Design highlight

ABCC Config System

Design Consistency

By implementing a consistent design across all admin panels, the control and monitoring processes become easier to handle when switching on different functions and reduce the potential for confusion or mistakes during the switch.

Color button usage

By incorporating colored buttons, it becomes easier for users to distinguish between clickable areas and informational sections by providing clear visual cues for interaction.

Real-live Monitoring

The website's data is updated in real-time, providing the operations department with accurate and immediate information which allows for easy monitoring and analysis of the data.


Reduce System Operation Need

The system of ABCC using reduced from 7 into 1 integrated system

Integration On
ABCC Webpage

More than 100 page of webpage have integrated through the revamp on ABCC admin system

Page Visit
Increasing Trend

The performance to customers has improved from a processing time of 3 to just 1 working day.