Figure and Ground Project


The figure and ground skills are used in the design of all 26 alphabet. "W" with the word "window" was selected by tutor for me to design a poster. 3 different adjectives have been applied to the same topic to create various images to train the sense spacing.

Figure and ground with all 26 alphabet testing helps on improve the  sense on the figure or ground may use in the follow idea development on the poster with 3 different adjective.

Shadowed : Light go through window

Clean : Cleaned to watch through

Loading : The loading screen of window

There are more than 3 Idea development had created. It is because this 3 pieces are present different directions of my ideas.

Poster Design

It is a photography poster. The word "Window" is imitate the window of jail. In the traditional impression of jail, the window is formed with long and thin lines with dark area as the poster presented. The light go through the "window" to represent the hope of people while watching the window. According to rule of third, I place the word on the focal point of the poster.