Anatomy of Typography

Typeface design and study


The Didot typeface is named after the famous Didot family, known for their printing and type production. Developed by Firmin Didot between 1784 and 1811, it is a modern typeface with thin stems, straight serifs, and is often associated with elegance and exclusivity. Fashion brands like Vogue and Louis Vuitton frequently use Didot typefaces in their marketing materials.

The poster and booklet showcase the captivating arrangement of letters from the alphabet in various fonts and sizes, all featuring the elegant Didot typeface. Additionally, they provide a background on the history and usage of Didot. The focus remains on the book and the displayed text, emphasizing the intricate details and diverse visual expressions of typography.

Curvey is a serif typeface that aims to present a hybrid curve design, drawing inspiration from Didot. It combines the classic elegance of Didot with unique curvatures, resulting in a distinct visual style. Curvey seeks to offer a fresh take on serif typography, showcasing a harmonious blend of curves and serifs for a captivating and contemporary aesthetic.